Mod Your Desk

Whether you build a new desk or hack the one you already have, turning it into a Holey Desk only requires a drill bit & a strip of steel. (for the most part)

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Drilling the Holes

20mm holes
96mm on-center
along left, right, and back (far) perimeters

This massive 20mm brad-point drill bit makes quick work of the holes. Though I didn’t use it for my build (I used a router), I bought one to test it out before recommending it.  It’s long enough to use a square to keep your hole straight, and the brad point doesn’t allow the bit to wander.

Mounting the Steel

See if your local fab shop will cut you a piece of 3/16″ x 2″ flat stock the length you need and counter-sink some holes. That’ll probably cost about the same as buying this 48″ stick of the steel from Amazon and save you some work.

Tip: If you can cut steel, buy from your local metal yard for way cheaper prices. You’ll probably have to buy the whole 20′ stick, but it’ll …steel… be cheaper.